Happy New Year 2013!

Another year done and I ask myself what I accomplished in this year? I grew and accomplished some goals, other goals were elusive and get put onto my goal list for 2013.It should be a time of reflection for us all, but not spending too much time to reflect…staying in the moment.  Look ahead to this year, what are your dreams desires? What inspires you? Remember, “this is no dress rehearsal” It’s the real thing and it’s going quickly.  So get inspired, make this your year!  Stay the course and watch miracles happen.  Carpe diem!Barb Kennedy sent me a link the other day…excellent article! “The Man Who Wants to Kill Crunches!” and now the woman…yours truly! Please read it )  http://www2.macleans.ca/2010/01/19/the-man-who-wants-to-kill-crunches/#more-99783