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My qualifications and experience accumulated over the past 28 years have uniquely poised me to provide interested individuals with a holistic approach to their wellness, health and fitness goals.  I am qualified to assess all aspects involved in our physical (and how that relates to our psychological health), that go into keeping us healthy and aging well.  I provide programming for:

Strength Training

Losing strength as we age is a huge contributor to feeling pain in the body. Loss of strength also places us at a greater risk for injury as well as many chronic illnesses (Type II Diabetes, Cancer-both scientifically proven). I will provide you with a program that supports you where you are now, and gently guides you to increasing strength and endurance.


If you are an individual currently on a list for a joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder etc) then prehabilitation prior to surgery would be something I would strongly recommend.  Any surgery is major surgery; therefore, you want to ensure the best possible outcome and a return to regular activities as quickly as possible.  Make no mistake, planning for surgery and post rehabilitation (which I recommend Physiotherapy) are vital to positive outcomes after any surgery.  

Post Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can provide you with the support necessary to manage an acute injury, rehabilitation directly after a joint replacement, or surgery of any kind.  Having said that, once you are provided clearance by your Physiotherapist, it is crucial that you now receive support to integrate that injured area back into the body.  Learning to support and work with your “new normal” after an injury is important to ensuring that you continue to live pain free and mobile.  As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with training and skills in fascial release, pain management and postural alignment positioning, I can provide you with a program specific to your needs.

Pain Management

Research shows that while pain is something we all experience universally, our perception of pain (chronic or acute) is unique to each individual.  Additionally, there can be many factors that influence or contribute to pain in our bodies, therefore a specific approach to managing pain becomes necessary to maintain health and wellbeing.  My experience and training has helped many individuals successfully manage their pain and return to an active and healthy lifestyle.  

Postural Alignment Training

My training in the Stott Pilates method has provided me with the tools to support individuals into a better alignment and therefore improved health.  Postural alignment training is much more than just standing tall. It is the ability to keep oneself in this position consistently through increased awareness training, along with core strengthening and stability.  Poor postural alignment can be a contributor to many “dis-eases” of the body, as it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain optimal lung function along with balanced gut health, due to increased compression of the spine and abdominal organs.  

Bucket List Training

Individuals desiring to live life large and move out of their “comfort zone” at any age.   Maybe you have decided that you want to run a marathon, or climb a mountain or any other such activity that may seem ridiculous to those close to you! I can help you to prepare for these such events in a healthy way (minimizing the threat of injuries) while achieving success and the confidence of having dared to dream!

What People are Saying…

While I was golfing last week a friend of mine said, “The improvement in your golf game is so significant since you have been doing TRX that it makes me want to take TRX.” He can’t believe the improvement in my golf game. I believe it is in fact due to the combination of all of the classes not just the TRX but the TRX, foam roller and weight classes.

Brenda Upton, Vice President Underwriting & Loss Prevention

Since starting a focused training program, I am stronger and less tired. My training has helped me to realize a higher level of confidence and I am happier and calmer. Life is good!

Joan Coldwell, Retired Nurse

I have been enjoying Sherry’s pilates, yoga, and weight training classes for the past fall and winter. What a difference it has made to my golf game – right from the first swing of the year! My increased strength and flexibility have added at least 10 yards to my drive and improved my swing from start to finish. But, best of all, my stronger core feels awesome!

Sonya Major, Professor and Golfer

IAfter attending Sherry’s Yamuna ball rolling classes, I have found that not only has my health and well-being been transformed, my sleeping patterns and quality of sleep have improved dramatically. My mind and body are feeling so relaxed! I have been able to sleep longer, more soundly, and I am waking up more energized

Martha Paul

It’s Never Too Late To Take it to the Next Level.

Zero Equipment. Zero Excuses.

It is never too late to begin and it is never too late to take it to the next level. Wherever you are on your health/fitness/wellness journey… what’s age got to do with it? Very little according to the research! One of my favorite songs: “Free your Mind and the Rest will Follow” En Vogue.

I am committed to helping you reach your health/wellness/fitness goals while supporting you to a more confident and happier version of yourself. Our online classes allow you to work toward your goals on your own schedule.

I respect your privacy and guarantee that I will not share your information with third parties. You can unsubscribe at any time.

I respect your privacy and guarantee that I will not share your information with third parties. You can unsubscribe at any time.