Personal Training

Training Package A

If you are new to Swanone Training Services
$ 125 / Personal Assessment
$ 240 3 Personal Training Sessions
$ 365 +HST TOTAL

One hour personal assessment
3 personal training sessions

Training Package B

Current and returning clients (within one year of past assessment)
$ 55 / Per @ 12 Sessions
$ 65 Per @ 5-11 Sessions
$ 80 Per @ 1-4 Sessions

Package 1:  12 Training Sessions
– $660+HST

Package 2:  5-11 Training Sessions
from $325 to $715+HST

Package 3:  1 to 4 Training Sessions
 from $80 to $320+HST

  • I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & e transfer. 
  • Must book minimum of 2 training sessions/month when purchasing Training Packages 1 & 2.  of Training Package B
  • 24 hour notice of cancellation is mandatory for rescheduling. 
  • Less than 24 hours cancellation or no show will forfeit session.

Swanone Training Services selects clientele based on a mutual belief and commitment to the follow philosophy:

  • Swanone clients typically possess personal goals of building overall body strength, improving health, and decreasing pain. Quality of life is a priority.
  • Swanone clients have a commitment to managing their health over the long term as opposed to a quick fix.
  • Swanone clients look for science based results.
  • Swanone clients believe they are responsible for their own health and therefore will make time for it in their schedule (ex: homework=daily home exercises).
  • Swanone clients are interested in learning about their body and themselves.
  • Swanone clients believe age is only a number and remain open to new experiences.
  • Decrease/eliminate pain in the body
  • Build overall strength and conditioning  
  • Improve flexibility 
  • Improve posture (rounded shoulder and head forward posture can contribute to back pain and gut issues)
  • Body integration-Post Physiotherapy for hip replacement, knee replacement & any other orthopaedic surgery.  As a Kinesiologist, I specialize in helping the client integrate the injured area back into the body as well as establish a sense of ease and “wholeness”.   
  • Pre-surgery training-if you are waiting forsurgery, increasing strength, endurance and flexibility will improve your post surgery outcomes 
  • Trip “prep” If you have decided to embark on a trip requiring a level of physical endurance, training prior to the trip will enhance your experience both physically and mentally.  

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