I have been working with Sherry for almost two years and she’s been wonderful. I have several physical issues that require me to do appropriate exercise for my future health, and that make regular exercise classes impossible. When a physiotherapist recommended Sherry to me, I sought her out. Sherry’s background in kinesiology enables her to understand and deal with my issues. She sees how my body is handling each exercise, and when I can’t do one, she finds another that accommodates my needs while accomplishing the objective.

I started off seeing Sherry once every few weeks, and now it’s every few months as she adjusts and increases the challenge of my programs. While I initially went to Sherry to help me with specific issues, she deals with the whole body and overall physical fitness. I do the exercise routines daily, and notwithstanding my circumstances, since working with Sherry I have lost weight, and am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been!

Thanks so much Sherry!

I started working with Sherry in October 2016. My goal was to feel better and to be stronger. Not only was my goal met but far exceeded.

I work with Sherry once a week and work on my own the rest of the week. I feel stronger, my
posture is so much better as is my flexibility .I do not have the aches and pains after a long days
work. If I do have aches and pain, she has taught me how to ease them on my own.

Sherry is very passionate about health and fitness. She wants you to succeed at your goals
and gives you the skills to do so. Her knowledge is vast and ever growing. Sherry’s support is
always positive and motivating.

My passion is horses and riding. In the last eight months thanks to my flexibility and strength,
my riding has had such profound changes. Some I had hoped for, many I never expected. As a
rider I am more balanced in my mind and body. Which not only makes me happy but also
makes my horse happy.

The body awareness that I have now in all aspects of my life is mind blowing. I love the way I
look and feel. Thank you Sherry you are amazing!!!

While I was golfing last week a friend of mine said, “The improvement in your golf game is so significant  since you have been doing TRX that it makes me want to take TRX.”

He can’t believe the improvement in my golf game. I believe it is in fact due to the combination of all of the classes not just the TRX but the TRX, foam roller and weight classes.

I started weight work and core work with Sherry in July of 2010, just a year ago. I do private sessions once a week. Every single session I come out feeling ‘worked’ in every body part—in a good way. And the next day I can tell that I am actually stronger. By November I was feeling so much stronger that I really began to ramp up my exercise outside of my work with Sherry (influenced also by ‘Younger Next Year’, which Sherry lent me to read). What can I say after a year?

Sherry has launched me into a terrific positive feed back loop—the harder I exercise, the better I feel; the better I feel, the more eager I am to exercise. I worked up to doing a short triathlon in mid June, and am now training for a longer one on 25 September 2011. I’ve increased my weekly running mileage by more than double, I’m swimming regularly and biking regularly (I had been a runner before, but started swimming and biking in November). This summer, on an annual hiking trip to the Rockies, I did hikes that I haven’t done in 15 years, and did them easily.

All aspects of my life have been improved by this—my mood is better and more stable, my blood pressure has dropped (it was getting worrisome), my enthusiasm and outlook for the future is much better.

Did I expect all of this when I started? No, most of it has come as a surprise to me. I can’t thank Sherry enough. She keeps track of the weights and reps and duration of the exercises, and pushes—but only as much as I need. And I think I need a lot more!

Since starting a focused training program, I am stronger and less tired. My training has helped me to realize a higher level of confidence and I am happier and calmer. Life is good!

I started working with Sherry in 2006 after seeing a physiotherapist about my low back pain. I told him that I was going to start going to a gym and he passed me Sherry’s brochure. I have been working with Sherry since then and, thanks to the work on core-strengthening exercises including yoga and pilates, the back is not really a problem now. In addition, all of this, as well as working with weights, has helped to lower my BMI and Body Fat measurements. This means that I am working with a much healthier body than I was pre ’06!! To change the wording of a book that Sherry gave me to read, I am younger now than I was 4+ years ago!! All of this has also meant that I have changed my eating habits, not dieting per se, just being more conscious of what I am putting in my body. I feel better, I look better and I carry myself with more confidence. And people have noticed!! Sherry is not a trainer who will crack the whip over you, but you know that she cares passionately about what she does and wants everyone to be as healthy as they can be. She does not work you beyond your capabilities, but she challenges you to challenge yourself and no one is more pleased than she is when you succeed!! Thanks to Sherry, I am physically and mentally enjoying my retirement.

I have been enjoying Sherry’s pilates, yoga, and weight training classes for the past fall and winter. What a difference it has made to my golf game – right from the first swing of the year! My increased strength and flexibility have added at least 10 yards to my drive and improved my swing from start to finish. But, best of all, my stronger core feels awesome!